The Best 4 Top Rated Butt And Body Enhancement Creams In 2022

Let’s take a closer look at the best top rated butt and body enhancement creams in 2022. 

No matter how well we eat, exercise, or take care of ourselves, our breasts and butt begin to show sag with no perkiness, like it’s ready to take a nap! Does it sound familiar? This drags self-esteem and confidence down. Some women choose to have surgical lifts or implants. In fact, Brazilian butt surgeries are becoming more and more popular but… UGH! It’s extremely painful and costly. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 20k butt augmentation procedures were performed in 2017 alone.  

Going under surgery is a commitment, it’s a lifetime decision. Like any other surgery, the Brazilian butt or breast augmentation procedure is associated with a moderate to high risk of complications and it might be quite costly, not to mention it requires a significant downtown. The good news is that you can totally keep your glutes in shape with specially formulated enhancement creams that support cell growth, cell rejuvenation, and cell renewal. The body enlargement creams are not going to break your bank and will give you that rounded, curved look that you desire. 

The newest butt enhancer creams offer a noninvasive solution that targets concerns of a flat butt or flat chest. Body enhancing creams work best when combined with a healthy diet and exercises designed to strengthen glute muscles, such as squats and lunges. 

How To Choose The Best Butt And Body Enhancement Cream?

Organic Ingredients. Always look at the ingredients first. The best creams are made of organic, natural ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin. Make sure the product does not contain any skin-damaging irritants such as paraben. Look for safe products, non-GMO, hypo-allergic, hormone-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, sugar, and soy-free products. The best enhancement cream should be natural, effective, and created for all skin types and all ages.

Active ingredients. Look for a buttock enhancing cream with ingredients that are proven to target fat cells directly. Our favorite creams contain natural ingredients like fenugreek, kava kava, dandelion, and dandelion root.

Suspicious ingredients. Be careful of hard-to-pronounce ingredients that may reflect artificial substances or additives. Some manufacturers add hormones to make their products work better. Hormone-based products may interfere with your body. Trust your gut feeling.

Packaging. Look for creams that come in small containers or jars, as pumps and tubes can often become clogged.

Are you ready? Let’s do this!  I have picked 4 of the most popular creams on the market and tested each one of them for 60 days to compare their features and weigh their pros and cons. My opinion is based on factors like cost, results, ingredients, manufacturer practices, and website information.

B&B Breast and Butt Enhancement Cream By Body Saver

When checking out B&B Enhancement Cream’s ingredient list, I was glad to see plant-based organic ingredients such as Kava Kava,  Dong Quai (“female ginseng”), or Motherwort. The last stimulates tissue development and increases blood circulation similar to firming and lifting massage cream. B&B Butt and Breast Enhancement Cream also contains popular butt-plumping Dandelion Root which promotes natural buttocks enhancement and eliminates cellulite. I didn’t find any irritants, hormones, steroids, or allergens in this product. 

The manufacturer claims their product is a complete firming and lifting cream that helps to tone, curve, and reshape your body for a more youthful appearance. Their product works by slightly increasing adipose tissue by stimulating the production of fat, resulting in better shape and reduced appearance of dimples. 

After 60 days, I have noticed an improvement in my skin texture and curves. My skin feels silky soft which indicates my skin is well hydrated and nourished. Also, I have noticed my buttocks to look firmer, bigger, and more rounded. The cream absorbed well however it left my skin feeling heavy immediately after application. Good price for the quality. You can find it for $36 on their website. Overall this is my top-rated product.

Rating: 9.0/10

What I loved:

✅Fine Blend of Organic Ingredients

✅Made in the USA

✅Volumizing Effect

✅Smooth Skin

✅Results after 60 days

✅Absorbs Easily

✅Great price


What I didn’t like:

❌Heavy Feel On The Skin After Application

Biosmose Butt Perfect Lift

Biosmose Butt Perfect Lift uses lipo-filling natural ingredients to plump and curve your body. The manufacturer claims that their active ingredient sarsasapogenin increases volume of butt and lifts breasts. It is a plant-based steroid found in subtropical regions and it has been used in Chinese medicine for decades. 

The product contains another active ingredient called macelignan that helps firm and tighten the body. Surprisingly, the active ingredients sarsasapogenin and macelignan are the only substances mentioned on the company’s website. There is no other information about any other ingredients. 

While using it, I noticed that the cream absorbs well and leaves my skin soft and smooth. I have noticed an improvement in my skin texture as well. Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of a difference after 60 days of using Biosmose Butt Perfect Lift. Lastly, this product was too expensive in my opinion. It costs $74 per 4 ounces.

Rating: 6.0/10


What I loved:

✅Fine Blend of Organic Ingredients

✅Absorbs Easily

✅Smooth Skin


What I didn’t like:


❌Didn’t See The Body Enhancing Results

❌It Is Unclear What Other Ingredients Are In This Product 

❌Country Of Origin Is Unknown


Gluteboost claims to provide fuller, firmer buttocks fast. The manufacturer states that it is made with a proprietary blend of booty enhancing herbal ingredients like Volufline which is sarsasapogenin extracted from the Asian botanical root.

The company says their product naturally boosts the buttocks and lifts them faster than just diet and exercise. 

I  tried this product for 60 days and I haven’t noticed any significant improvement in my body appearance. My skin feels smoother and more nourished however I didn’t get the results as I expected. Gluteboost provides a slight volumizing effect in the first hour after application. However, the results do not last. This product has mixed reviews online, so users weren’t sure what to expect. Overall, Gluteboost is a good product but it doesn’t match the description on their website and it doesn’t provide the expected results.

Rating: 8.0/10


What I loved:

✅Contains Organic Active Ingredients Like Sarsasapogenin

✅Country Of Origin USA

✅Short Volumizing Effect

✅Absorbs Easily

✅Smooth Skin


What I didn’t like:

❌Mixed Reviews Online

❌Didn’t Provide The Described Results

❌It Is Unclear Where This Product Was Made

IsoSensuals CURVE Butt Enhancement

IsoSensuals CURVE Butt Enhancement Cream is an attractive choice as it contains natural ingredients, including grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil. Also, this product contains plant-based blend Voluplus which is macelignan and macadamia oil.  

When applied topically, this fatty acid-based cream helps moisturize the skin. Unfortunately, this product does not contain any other active ingredients that could help enhance the butt. I liked that CURVE Butt Enhancement Cream smoothed my skin and made it look tauter, but I didn’t see much improvement in butt size. I appreciate that IsoSensuals CURVE Cream is produced in the USA. I wasn’t pleased it came in a bottle as it was hard to open and close with oily hands. IsoSensuals CURVE cream goes for $49.90 per 6-ounce bottle which is a good price in my opinion.

Our Rating: 7.0/10


What I loved:

✅Contains Organic Oils Like Voluplus

✅Made in the USA

✅Improves Skin Texture

✅Smooth Skin

✅Good Price


What I didn’t like:

❌Didn’t Provide The Volumizing Effect

❌Didn’t See The Butt Enhancing Results

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