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Formulated with Vitamin C and a blend of exotic emollient and humectant compounds such as Paraffinum Liquidum, Lactic acid, Aloe Vera Gel, Body Saver Vitamin C Serum is a revolutionary anti-aging fountain of youth. It can be used as a skin brightener for the face. Our product hydrates skin all day long. You will love the way that it makes your skin feel! Your face will feel fresh, nourished, and rejuvenated. Complete skin tone evener for soft and glowing skin.





Results of using Vitamin C Serum

  • FACE PROTECTION: This Vitamin C Face Serum contains maximum strength antioxidants to helps fight off scars and to protect skin from everyday toxins.
  • RADIANT GLOW: This super clear skin brightening serum with vitamin C promotes collagen production which may minimize wrinkles and dark circles, while also acting as a skin tone evener and brightener for face.
  • ERASE SIGNS OF AGING: This vitamin C face serum skin brightener for facial skin care may reduces the appearance of dark circles and spots.
  • LIGHT MOISTURIZER: This vitamin C moisturizer is lightweight, non-greasy and with the aloe Vera gel sinks in perfectly, leaving silky and smooth skin. This moisturizing vitamin C moisturizer layers perfectly after cleansing and before makeup.
  • PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION TIPS: Our vitamin c face serum will make a great addition to your beauty care routine. For best results we recommend applying twice a day. Our Body Saver facial care is certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and developed in the United States




What are the active ingredients of Vitamin C Face Moisturizer ?

Vitamin C – hydrates and brightens your skin

Glycerin – hydrates and improves skin texture

Aloe Vera – reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Passion Flower – soothes and calms the skin

Lightweight, quickly absorbing, and non-irritating form of Vitamin C facial care that reveals more youthful-looking skin by reducing the effects of sun damage and free radicals. Suitable for both day and night use, Body Saver Hydrating vita CĀ serum for the face may optimize the levels of collagen in the skin and fight against major signs of aging, including dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. It is properly packaged so as to maintain the freshness of the products and protect its performance for optimal results and efficiency.





How to use Vitamin C Serum for faceĀ ?

Step 1: After cleansing and foaming your face, take pea size vitamin c serum for face

Step 2: Apply this skin brightener for the face around your eyes, nose and neck twice a day or as needed.

Step 3: Allow the facial care to completely absorb before applying makeup.






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